ACA Convention    Charlotte March  2009
                                                        Many Paths to Wellness
presented by    Michael C. Lazarchick, PhD    
Who we are become real as we act out our personal concept of reality. Lazarchick 1982
Description:  Explore “Holistic Integrity,” the interplay of body, mind and spirit. Short lecture and discussion will be augmented with experiential processes. We’ll experience light exercise and stretching, explore universal energy, inspirational thought, Qigong, mindfulness meditation and sound. You will be entertained while we cover a variety of concepts that enhance understanding of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Dress comfortably. This is an interactive workshop.
Tell Jokes, Laugh, Smile       Endorphins        Natural Pain & Stress Fighters

Healthy at 100 ~  John Robbins
Oldest People on this Planet:
Holistic Integrity:  Living in tune with your values is the pathway to optimum wellness. We have values in the physical, mental and spiritual realm. Illness is the result of disharmony.
“Most of the public lands in the West, and especially the Southwest, are what you might call ‘cow burnt.’ Almost anywhere and everywhere you go in the American West you find hordes of cows. . . . They are a pest and a plague. They pollute our springs and streams and rivers. They infest our canyons, valleys, meadows and forests. They graze off the native bluestems and grama and bunch grasses, leaving behind jungles of prickly pear. They trample down the native forbs and shrubs and cacti. They spread the exotic cheatgrass, the Russian thistle, and the crested wheat grass. Even when the cattle are not physically present, you see the dung and the flies and the mud and the dust and the general destruction. If you don’t see it, you’ll smell it. The whole American West stinks of cattle.” — Edward Abbey, conservationist and author, in a speech before cattlemen at the University of Montana in 1985
     Exercise          20 Minute Walk 3 Times a week = Minimum  
                                         30 Minute Walk Every day      
                             Lift Some Weight       Use it or Lose it!                   
        Your Body is a Living System – How are you treating it?                                 Are you an environmentalist?                                            
Qi Gong     Yoga
Peace    Knowledge   Success
Prosperity      Long Life
Tibetan Prayer Flags
Healthy personality is manifested by individuals who have been able to gratify their basic needs through acceptable behavior such that their own personality is no longer a problem to their self. They can take their self more or less for granted and devote energies and thoughts to socially meaningful interests and problems beyond security or lovability or status.
Duane P. Schultz    Healthy Personality 
1. Capability to consciously and rationally direct one’s behavior.
2. Being in charge of one’s own destiny.
3. Knowing who and what one is and being accepting of strengths and weaknesses.
4. Being firmly anchored in the present.
5. Pursuit of challenge through new goals and new experiences.
Types of Knowledge:                                                                         
Theoretical: accepted based on theory or someone else's research.
Scientific: accepted based upon personal experience, cause and effect. Left Brain understanding. 
Intuitive: Known by the "Soul", uncounscious, Right Brain understanding.
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